CCR Magazine

Commercial Construction & Renovation is a print & digital media outlet covering design, construction and facilities operations of major commercial construction segments, including retail, hospitality, restaurant, education, healthcare, federal, multi-family, office, cannabis and more. It is is owned by F&J Publications.

This is the audit tool for media outlet's digital file used to reach its targeted markets. The file has been verified by Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM) and made available for your marketing efforts by the publisher. With it, you can accurately see the domains within the outlet's file, which is comprised of Architecture, Construction, Corporate Management, Design, Engineer, Environmental, Estimator, Facilities, Maintenance, Management, Operations, Project Management, Purchasing, Real Estate, Security, Senior Management in the field to better judge your marketing investment.

You are encouraged to use this audit tool by typing into the ENTER DOMAIN NAME area the domain address of the company you are targeting. The program will show you if the file contains that domain, and give you an idea of how many of  individuals using that domain are in the media outlet's file. Be sure to use the ip address of the company you are seeking (i.e., and include the .com in your entry. If the file contains no individual from that domain address you are seeking, please contact the publisher David Corson:

This audit was conducted in April, 2023. For more information, contact the publisher directly, or AIM for our specific methodology.

If you are curious about any domain and whether they are part of this file, simply type the domain in the box below (i.e.,

AIM Approved

This audit certifies that the above website has supplied e-mail address to Accountability Information Management, Inc., and that Accountability Information Management, Inc. has inspected the domain addresses.

The following is an accurate representation of the file, which is comprised of:

  • 44 addresses with 100 or more e-mails.
  • 74 address with 50-99 active e-mails.
  • 1138 addresses with 10-49 active e-mails.
  • 9478 addresses with 2-9 active e-mails.
  • 15040 address with 1 active e-mail.
  • Total Unique Records: 86842