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Welcome to the AIM Panels!

Accountability Information Management, Inc. is in an ongoing quest for professional opinions.

If you are an architect, designer, specific, builder, engineer, remodeler, facility manager, contractor or other construction professional, we would like to invite you into our panel where you opinion really matters.

Our clients are continually asking questions that demand your opinion, and by joining our panel, you can make a difference – and be compensated for your valued opinion.

Joining is Easy

Simply complete the form below, hit submit and we’ll be in touch with information about these opportunities. Based on your profile details, opinions that best suit you will be sent across to your registered email address for your feedback. For each survey that you complete, you will participate in that survey’s compensation offer.

Important: there is never an obligation to participate, to accept the compensation for your feedback. This is strictly a voluntary panel that encourages frank and honest feedback to important questions.

Join Now and earn a $5 Starbucks card for just becoming a member of our panel!

Thank you on behalf of AIM!

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