Building Automation: Getting Your Company in Specifications

Building Automation involves bringing mechanical and electrical systems and equipment together with microprocessors in order to communicate with each other and other equipment within a building or campus of buildings. With the advent of IoT, however, their value to building owners and operators is becoming enormous – and thus, specifications will be subject to changes. […]


Resilient Flooring: Taking the Right Path to Specification

Architects have thousands of choices to make when designing a building. On the other hand, they also make thousands of trade offs. However, there are always a few elements critical to them.  Maybe it is something that is performance-based, such as HVAC or a roofing system; or maybe aesthetics are prominent, such as the flooring […]


What are the Product Attributes Your Customers are Buying?

Nielsen is a smart company. They study a lot of things. Then they use their studies to draw conclusions. In a recent article – “WHEN IT COMES TO SEARCHING FOR FMCG GROWTH, PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES SHOW THE WAY” – they point out that “Knowing which lever to pull to attract, engage and maintain customers has never […]