An ADA Perspective After 30 Years

by James V. Vitale, AIA, LEED AP, CASp, ACTCP   Even after over two thousand years, words of old still effect our mis-perceptions of disabled individuals. Old Testament references to the blind, lame, deaf, crippled, sick and diseased would have us believe that these afflictions were the results of demonic possessions or curses. From this […]

Exploring Difficult-to-Research Technical Markets: The Delphi Investigative Paradigm

Marketing research is the primary tool for both bridging the communication gap with customers and enabling managers to stay in touch with their markets. It involves the specification, gathering, analyzing, and interpretation of information to help management understand the environment, identify problems and opportunities, and develop and evaluate alternative courses of marketing action. The information […]

Manufacturing Helps the Construction Industry Face Its Biggest Challenges

By: Prathmesh Limaye, Senior Research Analyst – Chemicals, Materials, Food, Frost & Sullivan The construction industry is grappling with issues pertaining to productivity and meeting project deadlines that have been intensified following the economic recession of 2008-2009. About 2 million construction workers were let go in the United States alone between 2007 and 2011, and […]

A Tip for Entrepreneurs

A word to the wise. Winning business by exaggerating your capabilities doesn’t do anyone any favors. It is far more fruitful to find customers who will genuinely benefit from what you actually have to offer. Over-promising only leads to unhappy customers, stressed customer service reps, overworked developers trying to save the day, and wasted time for […]

Are We Screwed?

“I fear that if trends continue, we will lose control over our markets and our customers. We’ll have done it to ourselves.” Bob Mader, a veteran of the media outlets and seasoned editor, argues that manufacturers can protect the integrity of their brands, distributors can offer benefits like training, financing, inventory management and delivery and contractors have unique quality products to sell. But homeowners have no idea what any of this means.

Moving to Perpetual Change

Tony Dellamaria, the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer for Stamats Business Media, writes about how challenging it is today to explain to friends and family what he does. “The thing that has changed the most is that products we sell [magazines, online advertising, newsletters, email marketing, content marketing, webinars, research, trade shows, video, hosted buyer events, and educational conferences to name just a few] are perpetually changing.