What is a Brand?

There’s a lot of talk about a company and its “brand” these days, and lots of money being spent trying to do what people call “branding.” One recent article pointed out that all marketing, especially advertising, works to enhance or modify brand image. But, what is “brand” in the case of a manufacturer? Is the […]

How to Understand the Future of Customer Service

Download Deloitte’s third survey of global contact centers representing more than 450 contact centers here. Among other things, the report says that chat and messaging is expected to grow from 6 to 16 percent, and that voice is expected to remain the most prominent channel for customer interaction, but will likely fall. I think we […]

The Advertising Feed

Advertising, advertising, what is advertising? That’s what everyone is asking these days. Here are the latest updates from our newsfeed program on the topic. Just review, and enjoy. To talk further about what is or is not advertising, just contact us or give us a call at 847-358-8558. [rssonpage rss=”http://newsdesk-feeds.moreover.com/feed/80a7d4e5bdfc7853.rss?n=30&img=0&ext=sc” feeds=”20″ excerpt=”true” target=”_blank”]

People-Based Marketing Report

This 37-pager based on people-based marketing is from bounceX. It discusses the future of shopping, and how interpreting and reacting to the digital body language of website visitors is going to be central to success. In theory, they are trying to bring intimacy of a brick and mortar store experience to every aspect of a […]

Magic Carpet Ride

Alibaba does not allow third parties to track its sales conversion information. In fact, tracking data on Alibaba is only accessible to companies that sign up to use its Alimama tech stack.  eMarketer says Alibaba will account for 31.9 percent of digital ad revenues in China this year. Alibaba expects revenues to grow between 45% […]