About Us

Business success relies on understanding current and future trends, managing risk and identifying new opportunities. Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM) is a marketing research company with a special emphasis on business-to-business sales channels. Their multi-disciplinary team has the expertise to evaluate and advise on market conditions and movements.

AIM helps companies ACCESS, UNDERSTAND and UTILIZE information to meet marketing and business objectives. Serving as an extension to product planning and marketing teams so that focus remains on managing business, AIM helps companies improve efficiency, growth and profit through accurate data gathering. Thorough analysis and insightful recommendations, we uncover key market intelligence, assisting companies on how and where to best position their products and services.

Through strategic application of our core strengths — our ability to compress time and our dedication to quality — AIM integrates knowledge, skills and abilities to develop a multi-discipline approach to unique marketing communications problems that help our clients succeed. We can help you:

  • identify market opportunities and targets
  • measure sizes of markets and communications approaches
  • track marketing tactics like direct mail, electronic communications and advertising
  • provide our clients with RESULTS: the knowledge they need to implement more effective touch points.

Let’s start the discussion today. Call 847-358-8558 for a no-obligation, constructive dialog about your particular situation and needs.