Since 1990, AIM has been providing an increasing variety of unique marketing communications “rulers” for a diverse client base. We will challenge your thinking, your perceptions, in our response. That is why our clients utilize us time after time. The AIM difference is that we push our clients to step to the edge of marketing possibilities.


We use a variety of methods to accomplish this interaction with our clients, Below are just some of them, each one specifically designed to a client’s needs.

  • Web Surveys
  • Mail Surveys
  • Phone Research
  • On-Line Focus Groups/Interviews
  • On-Location/Facility Focus Groups/Interviews
  • Personal Interviews
  • Electronic Tracking/Mobile Applications
  • Access to Outside Data Sources and Analysis


Market Information

Market intelligence is critical to strategic thinking. AIM has the ability to gather, harness and extract such intelligence, helping our clients make informed, accurate decisions. Below are some of the types of intelligence we can help you gather and incorporate into your strategies.


  • Market Share and Potential Studies
    • Benchmark Tracking
    • Market Position Tracking
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Product and Business Opportunity Testing
  • Buying Trends and Patterns Study
  • Market Channel Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis


Brand/Product Information

Your brand is central to your success, but brands today are in flu, largely due to the customer experience being the dominant channel of feedback for brands. AIM helps companies with their brand positioning and understanding the true power of the brand. Below are some of our methods.

  • Brand Awareness and Positioning Research
  • Competitive Profiles and Penetration Studies
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Purchase Intentions or Buy Studies
  • Product Positioning/Repositioning Studies
  • Website Evaluations and Traffic Analysis


Customer Information

Nothing is more important than knowing your customers. AIM helps companies achieve such knowledge through a variety of ways, including the following.

  • Prospect, Existing or Lost Customer Profiling
  • Response Analytics
  • Acquisition/Retention Research
  • Satisfaction Studies
  • Customer/Sales Database Analysis
  • File Building and Management


Advertising & Marketing Communication Information

The internet – specifically social media – has upended the way information is created, distributed and consumed. AIM was at the forefront of this when it was born, and seeing that seismic shift, has stayed there conducting ongoing studies into how people communicate. Below are some of the ways we utilize to our clients understand and avoid costly mistakes in the distribution of their messaging.

  • Ad Readership Studies
  • Message Appeal Development and Testing
  • Media Planning/Positioning
  • Inquiry and Lead Response Analysis
  • Social Media and Web Analytics


Other Information Driven Services

Staying on top of the developments of channels is important. While channels come and go, and some stay, understanding how a company fits into those channels has never been more important. AIM helps companies in unique, customized ways. Some of them included the following tactics.

  • Database Maintenance and Management
  • Sales Penetration Analysis
  • List Services-Analysis, Merge/Cleaning, and List Acquisition/Building
  • Salesforce® Management
  • Lead Generation, Qualification, Follow-up and Professional Appointment Setting
  • Business Event (Tradeshow, Webinar, Sales Program, etc.) Recruitment Services


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