New Type of Safari Involves Appointment Setting

Our sister company, Interline Creative Group, Inc., worked on a new type of program that got great coverage last week as a case history on their website. Even before the recession reduced the number of new project bids at the client, executives at the worldwide fire protection and security consulting firm client wondered how to […]

How to Keep Association Members Up to Speed with Confidential Information

Problem The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) is a non-profit organization that represent companies who manufacture kitchen, bath, or other residential cabinets, establishes and promotes standards for the kitchen cabinet industry; defends and advocates in support of the industry; and arms members with valuable tools necessary to promote and grow  their businesses. As part of […]

Entering a New Market? Let Research Be Your “Compass”

Breaking into a new market with different rules and competitors can be extremely profitable, or a complete disaster, if the company entering the market is not informed and prepared.  Chris Myers of Forbes sums it up well: “When teams try to apply their existing model to a new market, more often than not it ends […]

How to Identify Exactly What Customers Want

“How can a business survive if it doesn’t fully understand its customers and their preferences?” The answer is that a business can survive without a thorough understanding of what its customers want – but usually not for very long, and not without missing valuable opportunities. One of AIM’s previous clients, a commercial catalog distribution company, […]

How AIM Helped Its Client Discover Critical Pricing Data

Price often has a significant impact on the decision to purchase a product, but it is not the only factor that is important. Complex products and markets require a thorough analysis of available data before making snap decisions to raise or lower prices. One of AIM’s clients wanted to discover the price sensitivity of one […]

How AIM Helped Put a Client’s Negative Publicity Into Perspective

There are many things that can go wrong for a business when marketing and selling its products, and negative publicity is near the top of the list. Criticism tends to be more memorable than praise. When factoring in the ability to receive nearly unlimited information from the internet and improved capability to share information through […]