What AIM Did When Communications Broke Down

Many organizations publish press releases to announce noteworthy events surrounding the company, its events, and its products. When information from a press release is featured in a print or online article, the company knows that its communications have reached someone, and that its public relations strategy is on the right track.

However, depending on the industry and company, successful communication with the press is not always the norm. Sometimes communications break down, or a dialogue is never fully established in the first place.

AIM encountered a similar situation when working with one of its clients. The client, a large national association, needed to evaluate the success of its key press releases. They wanted to know if their publicity was being received by media outlets and published, and if their market saw or read their news releases.

AIM fulfilled the client’s request by conducting research in multiple stages to determine (a) if the research was received and published, or (b) why it was not published. AIM’s strategy for finding the answer was comprehensive, and involved:

  • An online database search using LexisNexis®.
  • A physical audit of 50+ trade publications.
  • Phone interviews and an email survey of trade publications.
  • A one-page survey sent to over 3,000 industry professionals.

When the results came in, the news was grim. 65% of media professionals said they did not remember receiving press releases from AIM’s client and even among professionals familiar with the association, less than 30% saw its press.

Despite the disappointing news, AIM helped their client lay the groundwork for better future communication with the press. AIM’s research provided their client with specific recommendations on how to improve future press releases and their submission process. Quantifiable benchmarks for market awareness could now be utilized by the association, as well as specific methods for targeting their communications to their market.

AIM’s research helps businesses of all sizes gain deeper insight and improve their performance in key markets. Communications don’t need to break down! AIM can help!