As a full-service marketing communications research firm with proprietary analytical tools, AIM does much more than just collect data. We help marketing communications become more effective, giving you superior control over activities, which in turn, increases the success of communications programs.

Each project is tailored to the specific needs of the client. From study development through final reporting, our services are designed to turn complex research objectives into clear, actionable results. AIM customizes research to help identify and promote your unique advantages—quickly, efficiently within budget. Unlike other forms of traditional research, AIM utilizes existing information and relational database analysis to produce unduplicated knowledge.

What We Offer You

  • Custom-designed research plans and analytical data services tailored to meet clients’ objectives.
  • Design and field testing all survey and research instruments to ensure accurate measurements and maximum results.
  • Deploy state-of-the-industry primary/secondary research methods to understand and predict market dynamics, including web/mail/phone surveys, personal interviews, online/location focus groups and web analytics.
  • Highly skilled professional research specialists that can penetrate market and customer stakeholders to obtain competitive and brand sensitive market intelligence quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide high-quality service at affordable rates — AIM often invests in projects with clients to ensure overall success.
  • Sponsor and publish on-going proprietary industry research, including Architect Brand Preference, Owners/End User Research, Ad Readership/Response Analysis and ROI/Marketing Seminars.
  • Access to proprietary construction data provides a valuable analytical and business development tool for building custom market intelligence to target strategic planning efforts.
  • Evaluate your brand or competitive market position, penetration or identify and build new business opportunities.
  • Utilize state-of-the-art web analytical tools to help companies evaluate, increase and build their website and on-line presence.