Positioning as a Tactic

As the Internet becomes the preferred venue for many marketers, a dilemma arises: Do you push your message to customers and businesses using traditional tactics like advertising and direct mail, or do you follow the “new” mantra – create inbound marketing strategies and methods that will pull in customers searching for what they want? Customers have ALWAYS searched for what they wanted. Even before the Internet, customers paged through magazines, listened to radio commercials, talked to peers and acted in much the same way they do today.

AIM studies BOTH pushing (active) and pulling (passive) techniques, and has the discipline to recognize what positioning is truly about. For example, one client wanted to “look like” their competitor and wanted to shape their product offering to mirror the competitive offering. AIM recommended ignoring the competition, re-discovering their own differentiation, and offering that. No company can position itself as anything, after all. We can focus efforts on our message, but our position is a place and someone else puts us there: your customers and prospects. AIM can help you understand where your customers are placing you.