Internet as a Tactic

Quite simply, nothing should be done without an Internet component. The Internet, like the invention of the printing press, is revolutionizing our information sharing behaviors. Regardless of the tactic, a company should always figure an Internet component to supplement the marketing tactic. For example, a loyalty program run by AIM involved 2,000 distributors. In addition to the direct mail package, which outlined the program and the product involved (including spiff amounts), AIM built a website so the distributor can register “online” and track his results from month to month. While submission of documentation was still provided through the old-fashioned way, the web interface allowed participating distributors to “scan and send” program communications.

Another example is how AIM built a mini-CRM platform for lead distribution to rep firms. This system enabled the company to follow rep activity on competitive projects. Our programmers and designers work closely together with our project managers to assure true integration.