Identifying Frequency

Frequency is the preferred strategy, but sometimes, you can use frequency AND size in innovative ways. For example, one client had a very small budget compared to two major competitors who were running spreads in every issue of the two major architectural publications.

The innovative AIM media strategy was to select just one of the major publications and run a “carpet bombing” tactic. Our media buy was an opening volley of four consecutive pages for one month, followed by the same consecutive pages the next month. We then ran one page in the magazine each month for the remainder of the year. We predicted what would happen, and the client was delighted when it came true. First we generated unbelievable readership and leads. Second, the competitors reacted predictably. After the first volley, not much, but after the second four-pager, one competitor pulled their advertising, firing their agency. It disrupted the marketplace, and for a time, our client had a distinct advantage!