Publicity as a Tactic

A product or company message is leveraged through media outlets, which have a vested interest in publicizing newsworthy items to the trade. AIM practices a public relations technique called “marketing public relations.” Unlike traditional PR, marketing PR has only one goal: response.

One of our clients had a recall to a series of products. AIM immediately went into “crisis management” mode. We built a website so customers could check their products against the failed batch, did mailings to the customer/warranty file, and scripted responses for the phone center to answer customer questions. We moved so quickly, so efficiently, that the client received recognition from the Consumer Product Safety Commission on their handling of the event. But, managing the crisis also led to improved phone techniques with the customers and additional marketing opportunities. The “good will” created in the minds of customers went a long way to building the brand and making the client the leader in that category of products.