Taking the Guesswork Out of Product Development

One of AIM’s clients was interested in new product ideas to help protect commercial hospitality property owners and operators from the problems of food-borne illnesses. AIM was asked to explore the various product and service options that might limit the liability and operations issues associated with food contamination. AIM’s client wanted to better understand the dynamics of the industry and identify key opportunities and market potential.

Phase I

In order to gain more insight into the market, AIM designed a multi-stage research plan to begin exploring the market’s specific needs and to assist the client in the development of

product ideas for future testing. AIM’s research utilized several tactics in order to gain market information, beginning with detailed phone interviews with experts in the prevention of food contamination. Information gleaned from interviews was used by AIM’s client to develop new product concepts that were in tune with recent developments in the market.

Phase II

To test the new product concepts, AIM administered focus groups in order to gain insights and feedback from the industry’s top professionals. Once AIM had gained this essential feedback, it used the results to identify top-performing market segments and design a targeted direct mail survey to gain more specific information from industry professionals, including their preferences and need for the new product concepts.


AIM was able to filter volumes of market data from interviews, focus groups, and direct mail surveys in order to provide its client with the most cutting-edge information about market preferences and trends. Before launching new products, AIM’s client had the advantage of knowing the market’s opportunities, barriers, and key influencers ahead of time. AIM’s research saved its client time, money and frustration by enabling them to develop new products and services with a very detailed knowledge of what approaches would be most successful. In short, AIM helped take the ‘guesswork’ out of its client’s new product development.