New Type of Safari Involves Appointment Setting

Our sister company, Interline Creative Group, Inc., worked on a new type of program that got great coverage last week as a case history on their website. Even before the recession reduced the number of new project bids at the client, executives at the worldwide fire protection and security consulting firm client wondered how to bring in more leads. Collaborating together, Interline hatched just the right program, which you can read about here.

Accountability Information Management’s idea of a “safari” is to prospect for new business in a specific targeted area. For example, for one of our clients, AIM pulls projects from our access to the ConstructConnect™ database, perhaps the most comprehensive construction project database in the country. We look for projects (hotels/condos) in planning based on the client’s criteria.

We then eliminate projects on hold, or pending approval or zoning issues, and the result is we help identify boutique hotel or luxury condo projects of interest to the client. Our client is assisted by our flagging the projects as “higher” potential where possible.  With the “mixed use” projects, for example, it is sometimes more difficult to filter out the other activities going on.

We then make appointments by calling them. We can filter by architects or other key contacts.

For example, one of the projects was in La Quinta California valued at $330M. We not only identified the architect (Gensler) but helped the client book the presentation. In another instance,  in Fort Lauderdale Florida, a $550M hotel we identified Fentress Architects as the designer and helped our client secure an appointment.

In the client’s filtered targeted area, $59,823,769,500 of projects existed — far to many to pursue. AIM helped by filtered and using our proven phone techniques, secured appointments for our client to many of his high-valued projects.

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