Direct Mail as a Tactic

Direct mail is the soul of AIM. We subscribe to the Bob Stone principle of Response, “People won’t switch brands, try a new product or service, unless they have a reason. And there are only two reasons why people buy anything: to gain something, or protect what they already have. Keep that in mind, and you’re on the way to overcoming human inertia.”

For example, one program (ongoing) involves writing letters to key decision makers requesting an interview to discuss specific topics.

This one-page letter is sent with the AIM return address. The letter concludes with, “If you are NOT interested, please do me a favor and Fax this letter back to me indicating ‘Not Interested.’” Would it surprise you to know that 10% of the people take the time to respond to us this way? Furthermore, would it surprise you to know that we re-connect with them, thanking them for their response? And would it surprise you that people actually called us from this letter to be interviewed? The point is: direct response that is well-crafted, works.