How AIM Helped Measure Employee Satisfaction

It’s hard to argue that employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of any successful business. No business wants its employees to become disengaged. Businesses should take steps to ensure that they are providing employees with the opportunities they need to reach their goals and contribute their best work. However, measuring employee satisfaction accurately is often easier said than done.

Employees might be reluctant to voice some of their concerns out of fear of upsetting their employers. They might be concerned that their complaints are not truly confidential, and could have a negative impact on their careers.

A client who wanted to better understand its employees’ level of satisfaction hired AIM to develop a comprehensive survey. The goal was to analyze employee response over a period of several years, while providing opportunities for open-ended feedback. The goals of the survey were to collect detailed feedback while ensuring that as many employees as possible participated.

In order to help the client gain better insight into its employees, AIM did the following:

  • Developed an online survey that captured the relevant information in fewer than 20 questions, while allowing for open-ended feedback.
  • Sent follow-up emails to employees in order to encourage their participation.

To increase the number of employees willing to respond, AIM provided reassurance that while senior management would see the results of the survey, all responses were completely confidential.

The simple survey format with the opportunity for open-ended feedback, follow-up email reminders, and guarantee of confidentiality led to a response rate of over 80%. Using AIM as a third party, the client was able to collect the quality data it needed while gaining greater awareness of internal changes or issues that employees identified as needing attention.

Are you interested in developing surveys that provide high-quality data and insight into your organization? AIM can help!