A tactic has little value if you don’t know how to USE it.


AIM’s objectivity is a huge advantage when it comes to evaluating and recommending proper tactics. A company marketing a flexible piping system in fire protection called us in for consultation. His competitor was running full-page ads in major trade publications. After product evaluation and competitive study, AIM recommended direct mail. Initially skeptical, we assured the executive that his audience – the fire protection contractor – is easily identifiable and can be given “an offer they couldn’t refuse.” We utilized a direct mail package that offered a free sample. Response was overwhelming – over 250 leads from the first mailing. And when we recommended mailing the same piece to the same audience, the client was dumbfounded. Ultimately convinced, this tactic produced another 200 leads! The use of the proper marketing tactic is dependent not only on experience, but on researched methods. AIM has that knowledge.