Cold Calling Gets Hot

On average @gordontredgold says it takes 17 cold calls before you connect to a live person and have a conversion. What’s your average? He goes on to say that only six percent of calls lead to a conversation. So, perseverance and persistence are keys of being successful. He says that he made 3025 calls, that […]


What Does Fashion Have to Do with a B2B Business?

One of the problems B2B marketers face is being pigeon holed. This is when we sit at our desks and make beautiful spreadsheets into neat categories – categories that often fail to reflect actual complexities in business transactions that involve two- and often three-step distribution. One of the ways around this is to step outside […]


Social Media as a Weapon in the Information War

Let’s face it: we’re in an information war. The prize? Time. Consumption of information has never been higher. But what if social media were used as a tool for this information war? What if social media were used to spread messages – including propaganda – to not only fight within this war, but win battles? As more and more people enter the war, persuasion remains a decisive factor in fighting it, and social media is the battleground. And that’s just what is happening all around us.


Turning Data Into Insights for Competitive Advantages

According to the authors, data and analytics allow companies to tap feedback and offer tactics to improve their customer engagement and, therefore, satisfaction. The good news is that B2B companies are gaining the most benefits from this shift because they share data with customers in a way that directly strengthens their relationship. In other words, it is better to give than receive. This MIT 23 report tells you all about it.


Packaging and Your Place on the Shelf: Or, What Is Really a Shelf Anyway?

People are social animals, and social animals need other animals if they are going to be social. And while we aren’t arguing with the convenience of online shopping (thanks to Amazon who continues to lose money despite its valuations), you can’t really touch a product on a computer – yet. And until you can, people will want to “get out of the house.” Sure, meals may be going up, but shopping isn’t going away anytime soon.


How to Understand the Future of Customer Service

Download Deloitte’s third survey of global contact centers representing more than 450 contact centers here. Among other things, the report says that chat and messaging is expected to grow from 6 to 16 percent, and that voice is expected to remain the most prominent channel for customer interaction, but will likely fall. I think we […]