Quality is Key to Being a Player in Lighting Control Specifications. Or is it?

Most B2B manufacturing professionals will tell you that you have to be among the best in terms of quality in order to become a part of a designer’s or owner’s short list. In fact, manufacturers have to achieve a certain “level” of quality (the same or better than competitive brands) or they will likely never […]

What Does Fashion Have to Do with a B2B Business?

One of the problems B2B marketers face is being pigeon holed. This is when we sit at our desks and make beautiful spreadsheets into neat categories – categories that often fail to reflect actual complexities in business transactions that involve two- and often three-step distribution. One of the ways around this is to step outside […]

Moving to Perpetual Change

Tony Dellamaria, the Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer for Stamats Business Media, writes about how challenging it is today to explain to friends and family what he does. “The thing that has changed the most is that products we sell [magazines, online advertising, newsletters, email marketing, content marketing, webinars, research, trade shows, video, hosted buyer events, and educational conferences to name just a few] are perpetually changing.