Using Specification Analysis to Create a Marketing Strategy for Paint

Interior paints are used in every type of commercial facility. In fact, is there even one facility that does not use some type of paint on their walls or ceilings? For paint manufacturers to increase their position in the commercial market, they must continuously evaluate their presence in the designers’ specifications. The first obstacle is […]

Tapping Into the Power Tool Market

Developing marketing priorities in any market is always a challenge, and the power tool market is no different. Any company looking to maintain their position, gain market share, or enter such a market has to do their due diligence or risk certain failure. It’s more complex today because of the way information flows. For example, […]

What Does Fashion Have to Do with a B2B Business?

One of the problems B2B marketers face is being pigeon holed. This is when we sit at our desks and make beautiful spreadsheets into neat categories – categories that often fail to reflect actual complexities in business transactions that involve two- and often three-step distribution. One of the ways around this is to step outside […]